Monday, June 20, 2011

In store... recent additions

I'm afraid I'm very behind with my blogging! I was busy with our last shipment and then preparing for Takashi's stand at the Launceston Antique Fair (thanks to all who came along)... and I don't seem to get anything done in the school holidays. I hope to write more soon but in the meantime here are some recent additions to the shop:

We've put out a selection of old prints including this kabuki actor by Utagawa Kunisada  aka Toyokuni III (1786 - 1865). We have a few of his prints in the shop including some wonderful triptychs.  He was working in the mid 19th century before the introduction of brighter inks at the end of the 19th century  and I love his works for their subtle colours. 

There are more lovely subtle colours in this old (19th century?) patchwork silk  kesa, or Buddhist monk's mantle. This is just a detail from one corner:

Some beautiful and also very useful  early 20th century dishes:

This is a lovely pair of old (late 19th century?) hina ningyo Girls' Day dolls. Please have a look at my early blog on hina matsuri for  more information about the hina festival and dolls:

The next piece is one of my favourite things in the shop at the moment. It's of  'Kanzeon' Bohdhisattva of Compassion  handpainted on wood and would have been donated as a temple gift to wish for protection from fire, disease or whatever. It is says down the left side Sadakichi Kaneko painted 1807, repaired 1868. It has a lovely warm, aged, rustic quality:

Moving on to the 20th century... this 'Katsura ningyo  doll with changeable wigs has clearly  been made as a souvenir:

And lastly,  this old metal advertising sign for a vitamin drink is a little rusty but has a great retro character: