Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sample books

These days I am seriously limiting my own collection - simply because I don't have enough space for large textiles. But I always seem to be able to find room for more ephemera and books - including old sample books.  In previous posts  I've shown some of my old homemade  'shima-cho' sample books. The ones I'm showing this time are examples from commercial sample books and cards.

The first one are cottons on a  simple fold out sheet from 1911:

These are from a book of textile samples from 1924:
Some of the samples have had samples cut from them:
Some men's kimono fabrics from a sample book dated 1930-31:
Some dye colour samples dated 1902, from near our home in Ehime prefecture:
And finally a colour sample card for silk kimono threads and machine threads. This is undated but possibly from  just after the war: