Sunday, May 4, 2014

'Vintage Japanese Textiles' Exhibition

My interest in old things probably began as a child when I often spent weekends at auctions  with my parents who have collected all sorts of antiques over the years.  They have stopped collecting in recent years but my  mother is the curator of the Channel Heritage Centre at Margate   -  where there is one section devoted to my father's camera collection ( ) . The centre has a space for  community exhibitions and for the rest of this month they are hosting a display of textiles from my collection.   These are all from my personal collection (sorry, not for sale). You've probably seen some of these pieces here before - and some such as the sarubobo and shibori juban I will feature in future posts. 

Shibori-dyed  nagajuban undergarment:

Koi carp design panel of  indigo katazome :

19th century patchwork juban undergarment:

Spinning wheel for cotton or bast fibres:

19th century haribako sewing box (the top one):

 Sakiori rag weaving  worker's jacket

19th century sashiko vest:

 Sashiko furoshiki wrapping cloth:

Cotton gin for removing seeds and silk reeling wheel:

Indigo shrine banner (1861) and boro futon cover :

Taisho period girl's silk chirimen crepe kimono:

Patchwork uchishiki buddhist altar cloth:

Obi made from chirimen crepe kimono fabric:

The items in the case haven't photographed well... old thread spools,  shimacho weaving sample books and wooden lasts for children's tabi:

Edo period  oshie padded applique: 

Sewing accessories:

Sewing books and sarubobo monkey amulets and dolls:

If you live locally please drop in and have a closer look ( open every day 10am - 4pm  - entry by donation).   The museum is worth a look  - even if you can't make it this month - with interesting displays on life and work in the the Channel area, and of course my dad's camera collection!