Thursday, November 21, 2013

In Store...

We only sell authentic antique indigo cotton for sashiko and I always have trouble keeping the supply up. All the fabric is taken from antique futon covers and sometimes work clothing. My husband (and supplier) Takashi  calls it uraji which just means lining. We always have plenty here but before I can put it out in the shop it has to be washed, unpicked, defluffed (of futon wadding cotton), and then ironed and cut into usable pieces with no holes and patches.

I sell small pieces as remnants  and the patched pieces go into a basket in the shop with other patched and holey antique cottons. Later today I'll start offering bundles of these pieces on my online shop. Perfect for stitchers who like boro style textiles.

I can't resist washi tape! It's a very thin paper adhesive tape which is lovely for crafts and wrapping. I use it every day in the shop to close customers' packages. I thought I'd like to get a few  traditional designs to stock in the shop but I had to put in a bigger order than that - so we've got lots of washi tape! I'll put some online soon.

I've just got in  some lovely new Japanese cottons. These are about 110-112cm wide and are beautiful quality. I haven't got them online so please email me if you're interested in them and I'll send you some more photos. 

These ones in taupe and other natural tones have wonderful textures

Clover brand kanzashi templates for making fabric flowers are always popular. They're now making a mini version which makes flowers about 35mm across. I'll put them online when I get the chance or contact me.

I've recently put out more old theatre postcards. I'll try to remember to  post more on the blog soon.

I try to keep an interesting selection of Japanese craft books in stock and have added some more recently.