Thursday, July 25, 2019


It was probably a lucky thing that my old online shop died...  it was very old and not very  user-friendly. Now I'm planning a completely new  and very different one.  In the meantime  I will be posting a mix of  one-off  bundles and treasures here.  HOW TO ORDER:  If there's anything you'd like please email  me at with the item number. I will get back to you asap with an invoice and payment details.  Most items will be one-offs and I'll remove them from here as soon as possible if they're sold. All prices include postage within Australia - but of course I'm happy to post overseas as well.  They're all in the shop as well  - let me know if you'd like to hold anything for you.  I will continue to add items until I get my new website up - it  might be a while knowing me!

M1   200g ANTIQUE COTTON REMNANTS  - late19th - mid 20th century cotton pieces  in varying sizes and condition suitable for boro projects, visible mending etc. $70 (incl postage)

T1  ANTIQUE KOMEBUKURO  Early 20th century patchwork rice bag with original string drawstring - in excellent condition. Approx 43cm long. $80 (incl postage)

T2  OLD BACKPACK - mid 20th century old indigo cotton backpack with string drawstring closure. Length approx 45cm  $70 (incl postage)

M3  SLOW STITCH PLAY PACK    Just over  two metres of  c.1970s kimono fabric (35cm wide, silk and mixed), and a  selection of silk kimono threads, fine cotton  sashiko thread and mixed Japanese and Australian buttons.  Fun for slow stitch, crazy patchwork,  visible mending etc $70 (incl postage)

T3   BORO PANEL Authentic c early 20th century boro patched and mended futon cover remnant . Approx 140cm x 65cm    $190 (incl postage)


M6  RETRO WOOL BUNDLE   6 x 1 metre pieces of 1960s/70s wool kimono fabric - 3 printed, 3 woven. Printed ones are quite light weight.  $72 (incl postage) 

T5  MAN'S KASURI HAORI   This is a very unusual piece! It's a formal style man's haori made with indigo kasuri (ikat) cotton which was  not usually used for formal garments. Probably mid - 20th century. The price  of this is determined by the old spotted kasuri  fabric which is very valued for patchwork in Japan - but I definitely don't want to unpick this lovely garment!  $250 (incl postage) 

T6  BATHHOUSE NOREN CURTAIN   Funky mid-late 20th century men's public bath doorway curtain. Cotton approx 132cm wide x 120cm long.  The red character is hiragana for  'yu' (hot water/bath) - the characters in the bottom right say 'men's hot water/bath' and the characters in the bottom right say 'milk soap' (sponsor brand name) $60 (incl postage) 

M7   DYER'S SCARF BUNDLE    5 x 1.5m  x 35cm  lengths of kimono silk suitable for dyeing as scarves  -  or something else.  The ends are unfinished. I have plenty more of these white kimono fabrics for dyeing - let me know if you need different lengths.   $90 (incl postage)  20% off regular per metre price. 

T7  INDIGO FISHING BOAT BANNER   Approx 130cm x 130cm  with a few marks and a patch in one corner.  This is a Tairyo-bata  fishing boat banner with the boat name 'Sumiyoshimaru' and  a kamon family crest.   These are usually very colourful but this one is a lovely, simple   hand-dyed pale indigo. $95 (incl postage)

M8  BORO BITS   265g of antique cotton  plain indigo remnants from old futon covers, work clothing etc. some holes, fading and patches -   perfect for boro,  sashiko, slow stitching, visible mending  etc  $79 (incl postage) 

T8 SASHIKO STITCHED ZOKIN   3 traditional zokin or fukin  cleaning cloths hand stitched on re-used cotton  which look like theyve been old tenugui hand towels. $64 incl postage. '

More to come.....