Friday, May 20, 2011

Just arrived - kimono fabrics

At the moment I'm busy unpacking and sorting out boxes and boxes of  kimono fabrics on the roll  that arrived yesterday. They won't all fit in the shop yet but I'll make room for as many as I can. My husband Takashi does the buying in Japan and so I usually haven't seen  the fabrics before they arrive  and it's always fun opening the boxes...

Most of  the  kimono fabrics that we sell by the metre are from the 1960's - 80's and it's often the  modern designs, which we now think of as 'retro', that stand out. I've posted about these fabrics before and I can't resist posting a few of my favourites from the silks which arrived yesterday. 


I'll add  more photos of some of the new fabrics when I've done a bit more sorting out....

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