Sunday, July 3, 2011

1935 kimono illustrations

These are some of the colour illustrations from the 1935 kimono sewing book which I used to illustrate my current newsletter.

On the left is a semi-formal houmongi 'visiting' kimono and on the right is a black patterned long-sleeve 'kuro furisode' bridal kimono:

Next is a formal kuro tomosode kimono set worn by family members at a wedding with a red nagajuban undergarment and a formal maru obi.

A haori, a girl's kimono, a baby's omiyamairi kimono (omiyamairi is a baby's first official shrine visit, equivalent to a Shinto christening) and a Nagoya obi:

The last two pages are kimono for the 'Shichi-Go-San ' festival. Shichi-go-san, literally 'seven-five-three', is a Shinto festival hating back to the Heian period (794-1185) for girls who are three and seven and boys who are three and  five.   First, seven and three year old girls' kimonos and a seven year old's obi:

And finally,  shichi-go-san items for a five year old boy: haori, long kimono and hakama.

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