Sunday, June 2, 2013

Workshops: June -July 2013

Here are some samples to give you an idea of what we will be making.  All our workshops allow for quite a bit of creativity  - we definitely  won't be all making the same thing. Please contact me to book or if you'd like more details.

OTEDAMA  beanbags (17th June):

Zabuton (floor cushion) style otedama:

These sashiko otedama were done by my daughter Ayame a few  years ago missing:
Tawara (rice bag) style otedama:
BORO INSPIRATIONS  (23rd June or 15th July)
There will be a lot of freedom to create your own boro inspired work. You might like to have a look at original boro pieces on the internet (and I will have pieces there on the day) but here is some of my own boro inspired stitching. I'm still working on more samples:
Zabuton floor cushion:

Detail from a very humble boro furoshiki wrapping cloth I'm working on:

 A panel of patches:
A boro inspired noren that I made some years ago:
Again with this workshop there will be a lot of freedom to choose your own design - either simple or more complicated:


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