Sunday, July 7, 2013

1930's Hats and Hair

Takashi  recently brought back a couple of old photo albums from the 1930's. I think I'm supposed to be selling them but I always find old family albums fascinating and irresistible. It's very sad that at some time in the life of the family someone has thought they weren't  worth keeping and treasuring.  I love looking at what they were wearing and doing  but there is also a poignancy in knowing that within a few years life in Japan would change so dreadfully. 
What struck me about these particular albums were some wonderful hats and some fairly wild hairdos. The ones that have been dated are from around 1934-35. (Click on any photos to enlarge)

This last one is my favourite - some very cool young men. 


  1. Such interesting photos and the hats! And that last photo, as you say,cool.
    These guys would not look out of place in an urban downtown trendy bar!!
    Thanks for posting them,
    Rgds Claudia