Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In Store...

Just a few photos from around the shop. Please note that unless I mention otherwise the items I show in my 'in store' posts are in my Kingston Beach shop, not my online shop. I'm sorry this has caused some confusion. But you are always very welcome to email me and enquire about any of the items posted in my blog.

We always have silk shibori by the metre. Some of these are online and I will add some more.

And a lovely silk shibori haori:

I love buttons. We've got old and new, Japanese and Australian, matched and mismatched...

These are the Japanese dressmaking scissors that I use myself in the shop. They just feel beautiful to use. I'll be putting these online soon.

We always have paper mizuhiki in the shop and online. Wonderful for special Christmas cards and wrappings.

Some  'Year of the Ox' ceramic bells...

We have a few lovely hand-stitched temari balls at the moment:

And a grumpy  Daruma made out of seashells:

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