Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In Store.....

Just a few photos of what's in the shop at the moment...

I'm just about to put out these old  hinoshi kimono irons:

I spent this morning making more kimono fabric buttons: 

We've got lots of these wonderfully characterful bamboo bag handles:

Real gold couching thread:

Play packs of Japanese paper - some handmade, some not - fun for cards:

We still have some cute 'creative kokeshi': 

This type of brocade has probably been for dolls and ceremonial decorations. It's popular in the shop for card making and other crafts:

These small  inexpensive dishes are very sweet and very popular:


  1. We are going to be in Tassie at Easter and Wafu is one of my stop. Would like some of them dishes and and...

  2. I'm really looking forward to meeting you Nat! I'll be closed for a few days over Easter but you can just give me a call and arrange a time if you need to - the shop is in the front of our house and I'll be around.