Friday, April 10, 2015


Tomorrow we'll be celebrating our third annual Harikuyo needle thanksgiving ceremony.  Bring along your old, broken, and rusty pins and needles (machine needles welcome). This is a traditional Japanese ceremony to thank and lay to rest old and broken sewing needles. In the past it was widely celebrated in Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, schools and homes. It's usually held in February but we're running a bit late this year.  Needleworkers often rest on this day and pray for improvement in their stitching skills.  Their old needles have not only worked hard but are believed to have absorbed some of their spirit and heard all of their secrets (!) and so they are thanked and gently laid to rest in a soft bed of tofu.
Hope you can come along  Sunday 12th 10am - 3pm and visit the Kingston Beach Handmade Market next door as well.

There's more information and photos  from our first ceremony here.


  1. Thanks Jan for reminding of this event. I comes around so quickly. I have a tin I put my used needles in and will bring it out tonight (a few days late!). Hope you are well - Hugs

  2. Lovely to hear from you Nat. I was running a bit late this year anyway - it should have been in February!
    All is well here - just busy! Hope you and your husband are both well.too.