Wednesday, February 10, 2016

15th Anniversary Challenge.

This year is the 15th anniversary of the shop!   To celebrate we’re having a challenge exhibition from 8th – 23rd April.   All Wafu Works customers  from beginners to professionals are invited to enter a piece.   The challenge is to create a decorative cleaning cloth approximately A4 size but no bigger than 30cm x 30cm using  (mainly)  fabric from Wafu Works. It can be stitched, patched   woven and/or  embellished in any way you please and doesn’t have to be Japanese in design or technique  and definitely doesn’t have to be practical as a cleaning cloth (but should be basically 2-d for display) . There will be a viewers’ choice and possibly other prizes but it is primarily a way to showcase the diverse talents of  our customers and the many ways they use our fabrics.  Interstate and overseas  customers are welcome to post an entry  and I promise I’ll post it back!  We have one entry coming from the US so far.  Please email me for more information if you’re interested in joining in.  Thanks!

  (I started out calling it a hana-fukin challenge but that caused some confusion because people thought I wanted   a traditional sashiko stitched  hana-fukin cloth .  So now I think I‘ll just  call it the ‘decorative cleaning cloth challenge’! ) 

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