Saturday, October 22, 2011

In store...

Here are few things that I've just put out in the shop:

I like having a mix of old and new threads and accessories in the shop and it's fun when they're old but brand-new at the same time  like these lovely old Clover brand awls.  Clover dates back to the 1920's and I often have Clover needles and other items popping up in old sewing boxes, and of  course Clover is still making great quality products which I'm glad to stock in the shop as well.

I've also put out these interesting threads which are silk coated with lacquer. They're not very strong but have an unusual texture which would be great for embellishing. They would originally have been used for embroidering on haori jackets. 

Tenugui are simple unhemmed traditional handtowels made from lightweight cotton. This selection comes from a box of  unopened tenugui that had been gifts for the well-known Kyoto geisha  Mamechiyo (1912-2004). They were still in their original gift envelopes and had been presented by maiko (apprentice geisha) and others.  Many were badly discoloured with age so I've just chosen a few that were in perfect condition. 

And finally some lovely old hikite handles from fusuma screen doors that I'll be putting out this week:

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