Sunday, November 13, 2011

10th Anniversary Exhibition - Part 1

Early in the year I decided to have a small exhibition of customers' works to celebrate the 10th anniversary of  the shop. The exhibition was held from 29th October  -  12th November and I'm finally getting around to posting some photos. We don't have much space to display larger works and I wanted everyone to be able to enter a piece if they wanted to so I decided on a 'mini-challenge'. Entries needed to be no larger than A4 (though quite a few did creep over that); at least 75% of the materials had to be from Wafu Works; it should be able to be hung on the wall ( though I chose not to hang a few pieces at my curatorial discretion) and there were no other restrictions on theme or style. 
I did give out 'viewers' choice' prizes at the end of the exhibition but I didn't want the exhibition to be considered a competition so much as a showcase of the variety of works that people create with our fabrics (and paper). I also made a point of encouraging beginners and less experienced and/or confident customers to put something in, so we had a range of entrants from children through to professional textile artists.  One thing I love about working in the shop is seeing the pleasure that their craft work brings to my customers whatever their level of expertise and I wanted that joy to be reflected in the exhibition.
Here are some views of the exhibition and I'll post some photos of individual works soon.

This final work is from our youngest entrant Reuben Giles-Clark age 9. It's entitled Spring and was our only all paper entry. I'll be posting more individual works soon.

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