Friday, November 18, 2011

10th Anniversary Exhibition - Part 4

Here are some more colourful entrants in our exhibition.....

Sandra Champion's 'Vintage Fragments' combines original mended fragments from antique kimonos with her own stitching.

Jill  Dixson's 'Japanese Fabrications ' uses a selection of vintage kimono remnants.

Also made from old kimono remnants is  Aukje Boonstra's 'Old Kimono'.  You might need to click and enlarge it to fully appreciate the lovely embroidery she has done on the lining.

More stitching and  old kimono remnants in an untitled work by Merran Franken.

Helen Ducker's 'Wafu Boxes' was inspired by the 'Time and Again' quilt by Susan Briscoe.

Helen Morrison's 'Style of Japan' is a traditional 'kinchaku'  drawstring bag made from 1970's woollen kimono fabric.

Connie Naotsuka's untitled work uses a freehand style of hitomezashi sashiko for a warm rustic effect.

This is Wendy Davey's  komebukuro/rice bag  in a mix of kimono remnants.

This is a detail from Kerri Batten's chain of 'sarubobo'   (lit. baby monkey) dolls. Antique sarubobo are a passion of  mine and I'll be writing more about them in future posts.

Next is Elizabeth Chaffey's  crazy patchwork 'Crazy Bag' .

Shaz Harrison-Williams is well-known for her colourful fold up hats which she sells at Salamanca Market. Her hats were  too big for the A4 criteria of our exhibition so she put one in a little bag....  Both the bag and the hat are made from old woollen girl's juban (undergarment) fabric and a heavier wool 1970's kimono fabric.  Here's the hat...

And finally Jan Janssen's  fun 'Geisha Seuss-she'

That's all the entrants in our exhibition. A Huge thank you to all of them for sharing their very varied talents and for all their hardwork.
 In my next post I hope to have one more 'special exhibit' using fabric, paper  and other items from Wafu Works.


  1. Have just recently had a look at the photos of your exhibition Jan - there are so many creative people associated with your shop! You must have been thrilled with the response. I am just disappointed that I didn't get to see it all in person.

  2. Thanks Andrea. I was delighted with all the entries. You know it's largely our wonderful creative customers (yourself included)who make my job such a joy.