Thursday, November 17, 2011

10th Anniversary Exhibition - Part 3

Here are some more of the entrants in our 'mini-challenge' exhibition....

This is Chris Cook's 'scarf in progress' using silk 'yo-yos' made with one of the  templates that we sell in the shop.

Next is Janet Steele's ' Kanemizu - Nirvanic Water' . Janet wrote, 'while walking beside the confluence of two raging flooded rivers I saw a small area of peaceful water. Finding refuge within it were as many fish as it could hold'.

Margaret Armstrong's 'Rice Bag' is a lovely soft silk interpretation of traditional 'komebukuro' rice bags.

Elizabeth Banks' 'Japanese Iris' applique is stitched using old silk kimono threads.

In 'Whisper of Spring' Coral Tabart used shading seen in traditional Japanese silk embroidery on this very subtle piece of  old kimono silk.

I'm sorry that the photo doesn't do justice to the very fine work in this mini quilt by Myrna McHugh. The designs are from a set of floral kamon designs that we sell in the shop and are embroidered with multiple strands of old machine silk. The backing fabric is cotton kimono lining.

A long carry bag by Trish Reed made from vintage wool and blend kimono fabrics.

A shoulder bag  by Anne Gowans made from a mix of vintage silk and other kimono fabrics including a lovely piece of 'meisen'.

 This  'Forest Square' purse is a patchwork of subtle green kimono silks in an original design by Fern Sanger, age 15.

 Fern's sister Eden Sanger, age 11, made this silk trillium bag with a finely plaited cord.  Eden had seen a similar  bag  and knew it was made from triangles so she worked the pattern out herself in callico before creating this lovely version.

This 'Texture Journal' by Babette Moate is made from a selection of un-dyed kimono silks and finely overstitched ( it's a little hard to see some of the stitching in the photo).

Next are two 'fortune catchers' and a 'bell fruit charm' by Dolores O'Neill based on designs in Kumiko Sudo's 'Omiyage'.

Andrea Sharp's  intriguing 'Pinecone Bag' is based on a Japanese pattern and looks wonderful in these bright kimono silks.

Still more to come.....

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