Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10th Anniversary Exhibition - Part 2

Here are the some of the individual works from our exhibition. I'll be posting  more soon. The first two were the winners of our viewers' choice prizes (the voting was so close I gave two prizes).

This is Mel Spencer's 'Night Jar'.  This collage includes Mel's own etchings on kimono lining silk. The border paper is the cover of an old Japanese book.

The second viewers' choice prize went to Zyta's 'Rice Water'. This was Zyta's first go at sashiko. She's now working on a hanten with all-over sashiko... a huge project I can't wait to see.

Suzi Barton-Johnson's 'Response' using remnants and buttons from Wafu Works. The framing sticks are  from old Japanese nets for raising silk worms.

Vicki Taiwo's 'Ancient Threads' is another work that really deserves a special mention. Vicki wove this piece (60" x 13") on a backstrap loom in Indonesia using a bundle of antique  remnant kasuri (ikat) threads which she bought from us.

Next is a handbound sketchbook by Michael Englert covered with suede leather and antique kasuri (ikat).

An untitled piece by Raie Semmens using patches of old juban (undergarment) fabric.

'Throughout and Beyond'  woven and patched with kimono remnants by Babs Reed.

A 'Sweet Little Bag' made for giving a gift of sweets by Karen Adams.  A traditional Japanese style of bag made with antique indigo katazome (stencil resist-dyed).

Barb Saunders' 'Essentials'  stitiched with antique indigo remnants.  'Bowl - for cooking, serving, washing, bathing, storage, carrying, offering...  Cloth  - for protection - shade, warmth, shelter, covering, hanging, wrapping, carrying...'

This is Theresa Watts from the Snowy Mountains stitched  'Kasumi - Mist of My Mountains'

'One of Three' by Olga Cocking is, as the title suggests,  part of a triptych of sashiko panels on woollen kimono fabric.

 A sashiko shoulder bag by Judith Spencer with patchwork using some of the new quilting fabrics we sell in the shop.

More to come....


  1. What a great exhibition! You must have been pleased. I especially like 'Response' and 'Sweet Little Bag'.

  2. Thanks very much Deb. I was very pleased - we got some terrific works and a great variety of styles. I've still got more photos to post.