Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In Store....

I'm always adding new fabric to the shop. I love this old lining fabric:

This is a beautiful piece of  indigo katazome with a wonderful handwoven texture:
A stunning double-width shibori lining silk:
Cheery yukata cotton on the roll:

And a couple of kimono silks on the roll:
I've got some new indigo quilting fabrics but there will be a limited supply of these - some of our other quilting fabrics in traditional patterns will run out even sooner. Unfortunately our supplier says they're just not popular anymore. I'm not sure why because they're timeless patterns and always popular in the shop:
Today I'm putting out some more small kokeshi dolls:
Including some 'creative kokeshi':
I love this Arimatsu shibori yukata:
This is a very sweet  netsuke:



  1. Hi Jan, I'm interested in the indigo katazome (second photo from the top). Could you please tell me how large and how much? Thanks

  2. Hi Nat
    I'll send you an email with all the detail. Thanks