Monday, April 22, 2013

1950's 'style'

We just acquired this selection of  1950's clothing patterns cut from newspaper. They're  sorted into  large envelopes neatly labelled  by brush:  'Boys' Patterns', 'Children - Adults - Pants ('pantsu')', 'Women's collar patterns' , 'Children - Adults - Pants ('zubon') patterns'.  There are any number of patterns in each envelope.
There is also a smaller envelope made from an old poster titled 'style collection' which holds cuttings from magazines. It's an interesting glimpse into 1950's taste (click on any of the pictures to enlarge):
A couple of pages of summer hairstyles by Nakahara Junichi:

And some autumn hairstyles:
It looks like there might have been plans for a family wedding:
This wedding cake looks delicious compared to the huge fake  (rubber?) monstrosities that were the vogue by the time I first went to Japan in the 80's.  At the first wedding I  ever went to the 'cake' must have been at least twelve foot tall. It's a very long time since I've been to a Japanese wedding so I don't know if that's still what they do but I hope it's fad that is dying out!
At typical  Japanese weddings the bride changes her outfit up to six times. Four seemed standard in our area: a white kimono for the ceremony, a brightly coloured kimono, a western wedding dress and then a voluminous 'cocktail dress'.  These bridal outfits from the 50's are very elegant:






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