Monday, April 8, 2013

In Store...

I'm not doing nearly as well keeping the blog up to date as I'd hoped! Here are some photos from around the shop:

I'm just making up some more bags of silk shibori remnants (these are available through my online shop):
I've just started stocking these Japanese zips with bronze pulls which are great for all sorts of small bags and purses. They especially look  good with old indigo or other fabrics with a bit of character (also on my website):
I've also added some more nice bright colours to our range of Olympus sashiko threads  (will add these colours to the website soon)
A couple of new titles for our book selection:
 A lovely large old Imari bowl:
We still have lots of these old silk machine threads for $1 each!
Antique 'daifukucho' accounting books:



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