Monday, January 5, 2015

potd - Fukuro Obi

I had a request yesterday to add more commentary to my photo(s) of the day. I'll try and do this when I have time  - and until I run out of things to say!
I'm putting out some more obi from our last shipment. These particular ones are  formal  nui-fukuro-obi. ('stitched bag obi') which are brocade on one side with a plain colour fabric on the reverse, and are about  four metres long.   This type of obi has only been made since the 1920's and these ones were most likely woven in Kyoto in mid - late 20th century.  They are of course made to be worn with formal kimono  but most of my customers buy obi to use as wall hangings or table runners. They look beautiful over an antique chest of drawers or sideboard.

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