Tuesday, January 13, 2015

potd - Old Threads

I'm still opening up boxes  from the last shipment from Japan  and it's always a treat to see what interesting things Takashi has managed to find at auction.  In amongst the silk threads that I showed a few days ago were these skeins of wool and cotton . I'm not sure what has happened to the cotton threads -  some of them are very washed-out pale pastel colours. They're very fine and meant for weaving  but I'll be keeping a skein  of the cotton for my own stitching.


  1. These are beautiful! Will they be available through your online store at all?

  2. Hi Jessica, No probably not, sorry - things like this usually sell pretty quickly in the shop. They're all $5/skein - so just email me if you'd like to order some. jan@wafuworks.com.au

    Thanks, Jan