Thursday, April 28, 2016

15th Anniversary Challenge Exhibition - part one

I've finally got a minute to  start posting  photos from our exhibition which ended on Saturday.  Thank you so much to everyone who entered a piece  (or two) or came along to see the exhibition.  The challenge was open to all Wafu Works customers and was inspired by traditional Japanese  hanafukin cleaning cloths. Entries didn't need to be in the style of a traditional hanafukin  (though some are)  but had to be no bigger than 30cm x 30cm with most of the materials from Wafu Works. We had a wonderful variety of entries! (You can click on any of the photos to enlarge)

The first piece was the winner of  the Viewers' Choice prize. It's by Dawn Galliott and was inspired by a visit to a  lacquer umbrella shop in Kanasawa.

There were two equal runners-up. The  first one is 'Sunset over Huon Island' by Merran  Franken:


The second one is 'East MeetsWest I' by Erika Schacht.  Erika  designs wearable art and contributed two cloths: 

East Meets West II:

The rest of the entries are in no particular order. The first one is はぎれ 'Hagire' (remnants) by Connie Naotsuka  sent to us all the way from the US.

'Nageire'  by Mel Spencer. Nagire (lit. 'thrown in' is a relaxed style of ikebana:

Two pieces by Sue Beattie,  'Walled Garden' and 'Circles', experimenting with machine techniques:

Kathryn Grey ' What was old is new again' , inspired by  the precision and simple designs she saw on a recent trip to Japan:

'Colourful Cleaning'  by Aukje Boonstra,  'This is how I think a cleaning cloth would be made. Stitched together crudely and qickly using old worn materials: 

Two pieces by Nicole Parums,  'Little Window' and 'Autumn Wind'. The pinwheels represent autumn leaves being blown by the wind:

Two untitled pieces by Mahdi Chandler on  plain hemp: 

Judith Spencer, 'Time to Smell the Flowers' :

Ann Alderslade, 'Ginko Leaves': 

'Reflected Moon', by Wendy Davey, (both sides)  'Imagine the moon reflected in a rippling, shimmering pool making the shape of a flower during a bushfire' :  

Valerie Maddiford, untitled: 

I'll post the rest tomorrow....


  1. They are wonderful! This is Trish, I had to set anonymous.

  2. Some interesting interpretations here Jan but I must say, I do like those umbrellas!

  3. It really shows the range of ways customers are using our fabrics.

  4. Just absolutely beautiful pieces. Wish I could have seen the real thing. Good news I'm moving to Tasmania in the next few months and am just a tad excited about being able to visit your shop more frequently for little shopping sprees!

  5. Love them all. Would have loved to see the real thing.

  6. They are just wonderful. I love how everybody has such a different approach.