Friday, April 29, 2016

15th Anniversary Challenge Exhibition - part two

More entries, in no particular order...

Margaret Grey, untitled:

Vicki Taiwo's  'Shibori Hanafukin' - silk kimono fabric, shibori dyed, stitched and stamped using one of our old stamps (both sides):

Vicki also contributed our only woven cloth. This was woven using antique kasuri (ikat) threads for the weft. 

Maybe our most original entry was Liz Banks'  'Hand in Glove with Housework' . There's a glove inside the cloth for easy cleaning! 

Lorise Clark's 'Journey to the Mountains',  '... the track through the fields of flowers, water and forest to the white mountains. The buttons represent the temples where we can reflect on the journey' : 

Coral Tabart, untitled (both sides) :

Isabel Hastie was suffering from a bad fall and a torn retina - so I  was very grateful to her for her lovely hexagon hanafukin! 

Lyn Rochford' 'Fun or Functional'  has fun wash day origami dresses on one side and is  a functional cleaning cloth on the other:

Barbara Saunders, 'Too special to waste!' , 'Indigo and gardena dyed vintage cotton and threads, some with original mending stitches. Repurposed int he style of 'boro' (rags) or mottainani (waste nothing)...'  and 'Coaster Scraps'  sashiko coasters made while travelling through Japan in 2015' :

Louise Rudeforth, 'Flower Power'. 'This is my first attempt at decorative sewing. I usually just sew on buttons or repair cushions or soft toys': 

Two untitled cloths by Zyta Cwalinska,. The first ones is a  beautiful -  and potentially useful  - scrubber with French knots on one side and persimmon flower hitomezashi stitching on the other. The second is made from scrap materials.

 A few more still to come.... 

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