Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gallery - Aukje Boonstra

Aukje Boonstra is a well-known Tasmanian dyer, stitcher and all round textile artist who has been using fabric from our shop in some of her works for many years, and has taught workshops here in the past as well.  You can see some of her works and learn more about her workshops and other events on her website:  Here are a couple of her wonderful creations made for exhibitions earlier this year using remnants and paper from Wafu Works.

I was really excited to see this amazing outfit which Aukje made  from kimono remnants, natural dyed silk and a pre-used skirt  for the Wonders of Wearable Art  at the Chocolate Fest in Latrobe.

And equally amazing is Aukje's  'Book to Kimono' for the Burnie  'Paper on Skin' exhibition earlier this year. This is made from antique paper  which we sell in the shop and is  taken from various old Japanese books.  It's lined with black tissue paper and stitched with a traditional Japanese running stitch.  The mini kites on the back were  made by Aukje's late husband  Mal.


  1. They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the link too Jan. It's nice to meet another Japanese fabric lover and a dyer. When I plan my visit to your shop and Tassy I hope to do a workshop with her - Hugs Nat

  2. Thanks Nat. Glad you like Aukje's work and looking forward to a visit! (Sorry I'm late replying - I've had a week off)