Monday, August 5, 2013

New shipment of kimono fabric and obi

I've been very busy over the last few weeks with a new shipment. Takashi does the buying in Japan so I  don't know what's coming until I open the boxes - which is enormous fun!  It's mainly rolls of silk and other kimono fabrics (mid - late 20th century) and it takes quite a while to sort out and get on the shelves,and then find space for all the ones that don't fit on the shelves yet.  It was only a small shipment (two pallets) but we don't have much space left here with a home and a shop squeezed into the one house. There are boxes of obi as well that I haven't even opened yet. Before I put them on the shelves most of the fabrics need re-rolling. Kimono fabrics are not designed to be sold by the metre and they usually come either rolled inside out or in layers.  I've started putting some of the new silks on the website  here's a sample of some that are either already online or will be soon. (I've also got a sale on the website to clear some of the silk that I'm taking off the shelves.)




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  1. Wow, love the white and pink with hand fan accents, as well as the white and red one the most.