Thursday, August 29, 2013

In Store...

Around the shop....

Lots of bundles of indigo cotton  ideal for boro inspired projects. I have these in my online shop as well:

Early - mid 20th century ikebana basket.:

I've put out some more donsu:

I've been sorting out boxes and boxes of textiles trying to make space for the shipment that arrived a few weeks ago and I discovered this wonderful bolt of cotton shibori:

A beautiful silk child's kimono:

I had a few more rolls of new quilting cotton arrive in our last shipment:

I love stitching with natural linen thread especially when working on boro inspired projects where regular sashiko threads can look too new and stark. So I decided to stock some in the shop.  So far I've just got a fairly  fine pure linen and a linen/cotton mix but I'll add more in future. I'll put these on my online shop as well:

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